Liven up your Space with Silk Plants

5 Innovative uses of Silk Plants to Liven Up any Living Space

The presence of greenery provides a relaxed atmosphere and creates a warm and inviting space. Plants and flowers play a major role in beautifying any given area, and artificial plants and trees have completely revamped the outdoor and indoor landscaping market. They lend a very classy and hassle-free touch to any decor. They are very appealing when incorporated in decorating both residential and commercial spaces. As the artificial foliage is made of silk, it looks very similar to natural tree foliage and has the additional advantage of being weather resistant and maintenance free. Another bonus of silk plants is that they will save you money – there is no feeding, repotting or treating for disease, so you can sit back and admire the instant effect. There’s no denying that lots of greenery makes us feel better, so this is a trend that will be here to stay. These silk plants allow you to let nature in, without really having to do so!
Here are five interesting ways to use silk plants to create a lasting impression and give you flexibility to have a variety of fresh looking foliage whenever, wherever!

Tease with a Hedge maze!
Create a hedge maze outside your home or office, or even miniature versions inside, to keep people engaged and stimulated.  Apart from adding a very fresh and different look to the exteriors of the area, it will also serve the purpose of being an attraction and a place for recreation.

Host a tropical party every day!
Use different artificial plants and trees in different sections of your work or home space to create small theme sections. For example, palm trees can turn any given area into a tropical paradise within seconds! Install palm trees of varying lengths in the desired sections of the room to give it the look of a tropical oasis. Hammocks and some books by the side will complete the look and also transform the area into a unique and desirable space.

Create a mini garden indoors!
The best way to achieve this would be by creating small terrarium museums and displaying varieties of artificial plants and flowers in them. These terrariums are miniature gardens that can beautify any section of a room effortlessly. Use combinations of plants, trees, and flowers creatively to make them depict something exciting or follow a particular theme that you may like such as floral or coastal.

Bring Spring to your table!
Artificial flowers come in great variety and as they are life-like, they can be a hassle-free substitute for real flowers. Different types of flowers can be arranged on work tables or dining tables to give the look and feel of spring even when indoors. These flowers do not attract insects or wither and make it easy for you to live with nature.

Work on a Treetop!
This can be a fascinating experience to have while working in a closed environment. Different varieties of artificial plants could be arranged in a pattern, and this could be covered by a glass top. These table-like structures could then be used as workbenches for an exhilarating experience. The feeling of working on a tree top and the constant view of plants can also help de-stress as well activate one’s energy.

These refreshing ideas are sure to bring life to offices spaces, homes and work from home stations. Why not keep a few stored away as well, so you can vary your display or brighten up a room anytime you feel like it?

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Happy shopping! Happy decorating!