One Pot Lentil and Grain Mash


This is a winter favourite, both flavoursome and full of nutrition. Easy on the stomach and supremely easy to cook as well. In India, this dish is typically made with rice and lentils. I have substituted the rice for a mix of quinoa and bulgur wheat to make for a healthier version.

Preparation Time: 2 mins
Soaking Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 12 mins
Serves: 2

  1. Soak the quinoa and bulgur wheat mix and the lentils in water for 30 minutes. The grains and lentils will swell up.
  2. Heat oil or ghee in a pressure cooker.
  3. Add cumin seeds and allow to splutter for a minute.
  4. Put in the chopped green chillies and stir for a minute.
  5. In the meanwhile, drain the grains and lentil and add to the pressure cooker.
  6. Stir well for about 2 minutes and then add 2.5 cups of water.
  7. Tip in the turmeric powder and 2 teaspoons salt.
  8. Close the pressure cooker and bring to full pressure on high heat.
  9. Reduce heat and cook for 8 minutes.
  10. Remove cooker from heat and allow to cool naturally.
  11. Serve hot with yoghurt.  

Jovi’s Notes
The medium of fat I have used in this dish is ghee. Use of ghee gives added flavour to this dish. Feel free to add an extra tablespoon of ghee to make this even tastier.
I have used a mix of quinoa and bulgur wheat here. However, I also regularly make it with just plain bulgur wheat as well.
Alternate between lentils as well each time to savour a variety of flavours. 


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