Back to the game

I am sure some of you must be wondering where I had disappeared, why I had stopped posting or why I wasn’t responding to your emails.  

Well this little thing is the reason:

 Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous? He’s called Ryan and is 8 months.

I know its been a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t cooked or missed all your comments.
Like everyone else I am also finding it hard to juggle different things in this lockdown situation. But just to prove to myself that I can multitask like a rockstar I decided to get back to the blog at this time.
With Ryan in my life, I have new found interest in cooking for him. So, you are going to find a whole lotta baby meals, basically whatever my little one enjoys eating. Mummies, out there, hope you are excited!

So stay safe, safe home and try out my recipes.



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