About ME

Welcome to Cook with Jovi, a repertoire of my culinary adventures in my home kitchen in London. My interest in food makes me drag my husband to new restaurants every week and my family knows that they are my favourite food testers. Cooking several times a week is my biggest stress buster.

To me, cooking at home means having a party with vegetables, meat and spices without spending a bomb. It means spending some time in the kitchen, but not all the time, cooking nourishing flavoursome food. It also means being a real risk taker and doing all kinds of recipe experiments with simple kitchen tools. 

Planning a breakfast/lunch/dinner provides me with regular exciting challenges and I find myself joyfully obsessed with my work plan – conceiving my menu, shopping for ingredients and timing my execution.
I also get very easily bored of dishes and need to try different cuisines both at home and outside. So, it could be Indian on Monday, Italian on Tuesday, Thai on Wednesday, just a salad on Thursday and then I get a sugar rush and bake some muffins on Friday. I felt that starting a blog would allow me to share my kitchen victories with you, and maybe inspire you to cook up a storm in your own kitchen too :).

I am now also a mum and enjoy cooking for my baby. I do hope he likes my cooking experiments and becomes a real foodie like me :) 

My kitchen experiments depend on my mood and sometimes the weather, and so I need to know from all of you readers what posts would be the most helpful. The idea is to write about stuff that would be relevant to YOU. So, write to me, comment on the blog, follow me on Instagram and let's continue being chatty. 

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